GBG New Year Resolutions!

  1. We shall make bigger tournaments!
  2. We shall make more tournaments!
  3. We shall stay helpful and friendly!
  4. We shall continue listening to gamers!
  5. We shall remove all the tiny bugs!
  6. We shall give you all the possibility to organize tournaments!
  7. We shall add all the payment ways!
  8. We shall play more games with you!
  9. We shall work with new streamers and organizations!
  10. We shall have fun 🙂

There are also 3 good news for the week! 🙂 We officially announce that you don’t need to press the READY button anymore! The moment you turn your application on we know you’re here! The other good news is that the site is and will continualy be filled with tournaments! Make sure to join them before there are no spots left! And there are Extra good news! On the Christmas League of Legends and Hearthstone Tournaments we had a blast! Everybody got a prize, the battles were fierce and we want to congratulate the guys for winning and among all keeping everything friendly. Lately we do feel that we are building a friendly gaming community and we are proud of it! 🙂 Keep up the good work! GLHF


GBG Christmas tournaments!

Dear Gamers, Christmas is here in 2 days and the Steam sale begins today! You will probably be out of money in the next couple of days.. So sad. And the New Year is coming.. You need money for that, don’t you? Luckily, we’re here for you!

Every day you have tournaments with free entry of GBG Points entry in different games so you can earn money to spend or have it to enter the tournaments with bigger cash rewards. In that type of tournaments top 8 players get something. Which is nice 🙂

This weekend you have 2 tournaments where you can earn bigger cash prizes. As it’s Christmas time we decided to award everyone who joins one of that 2 tournaments with something. What exactly you’ll get we’ll tell you Friday. But we would strongly advise you to play this tournaments 😉

All the best for the holidays! May your gaming skills get even more awesome during this time, may you have only wins and may the Force be with you! GLHF!

Download The New Version Of The GBG Client Application!

We know, you already downloaded the client app, why do you need to do it again? Well, because this is the final version you’ll need to download as this one is with an automated updater! We also added some security things so your antivirus will allow you to download the client. Everything that we change on the APP in the future will be automated so you won’t need to download a new version every time. And there will be additional changes that will make your life easier as you will need to do fewer steps to play in a GBG tournament.

Other new thing you can see on the platform is the CHAT! Feel free to ad on the platform so you can communicate during the tournaments with the tournament organizer. If you see any bugs in the chat system report them on facebook. The pictures will be added when we ad your profile pictures so we are aware of that.

The notification part you can see but we are testing some things and they will be added after we finish with the testing. 🙂

There are entry fee tournaments, free entry tournaments, deathmatch week, a EUNE 5V5 tournament,… You have a lot of choice! Keep in mind that they are filling fast so hurry and get your spot in time! 😉

GBG Will Get New Features In The Next Week!

Dear summoners! We are happy to inform you that we will be adding some additional features to the platform! Two that we will present to you in the next week will be the CHAT SYSTEM and NOTIFICATIONS.

The CHAT system was something we decided to be esencial from the launch. It will be easier for us to communicate with you, for you to communicate with each other and to see if your opponent is on the platform. This is something that will make the tournaments even faster.

The NOTIFICATIONS will tell you when there is a new tournament created, that your tournament starts in 30 minutes, that your match starts in a couple of minutes and when you and your opponent both press READY you will get a notification that you can create the match. There is a lot of you who are not sure about the time (reminding you again that you need to set the right time on your PROFILE) or just forget that you applied for a tournament. This will remind you when the tournament is and help you prepare in advance and not be late. You will also know if your opponent pressed ready which will help you see if he’s planning to play so you won’t need to wait for opponents for too long .

In the end, we want to remind you that this weekend you have 2 entry fee tournaments with higher money rewards. The tournament entry is 1 euro or 1 GBG Coin and the rewards are 20/30 euros 🙂 We believe you can win them so be sure to enter the tournaments before they get filled!


The Importance of The Feeling eSports Gives You

This weekend we were at the ESL Southeastern Europe Championship in Budapest. We would advise everyone to see the last 5 minutes of the final League of Legends match between Greek teams Different Dimension and Void Gaming.  On that event awesome play was made but there was something about the feeling the event gave us. The feeling helped us to remember why we decided to build our platform.

A while ago we were part of the crowd. Enjoying the games and plays, watching and memorizing the special moves the players made and wishing we were on the stage playing the games. But we were not good enough. Didn’t have time to practice and didn’t have the support to be focused on gaming. It’s something you all can relate to. Sometimes you’re good but can not be professional.

So we decided to give the piece of that feeling through the GBG platform. We made 26 tournaments from the official launch. In all of them there were gamers who became victors. Gamers whose names have risen and who can say that they are earning from their gaming skill. Those gamers may one day be with the professionals. Fighting on stage. And we will be looking at them with pride, cheering for their victory. There will also be people who will only play on the platform. Have fun and earn money. Get a piece of the feeling at their home.

The thing that both of them have in common is that they felt great for a moment. Felt like their gaming skill on which they worked so hard paid off. And that is why we are here. To make your gaming important. And give you a place where you can get recognized for being a great gamer. That is why we created this. And build this with you. So you can be in a place where gaming matters. Where your gaming skill is highly respected.A place in which you are important. An eSports Hero.

What Competitive Games Are We Thinking About Adding?

On our official site you can see that in addition to the 4 games we already added we will add Heroes Of The Storm, StarCraft II, Call Of Duty and SMITE. Those are the most played eSports games and it’s logical that we ad them. But we started thinking about what games could also be added on the platform.

The first one that comes to our mind is Rocket League. It’s a game that is growing like crazy and in which players need to have mad skills to be good.

The second one is the Wargaming Franchise. World of Tanks is an especially interesting game for us.

The third are the Indie games. There is a lot of competitive games who are not that famous but are really good and we want to give them a chance to prove how awesome they are. On the Reboot Infogamer we played Awakening of the Heroes by KOFA Games. Games like that one are what we want.

In the end we would like to invite you to give us your opinion. If you have a game that  you would like to play or organize tournaments in let us know! We will give our best to make it happen! 🙂


There are a lot of people who were asking how to get GBG Points if they can not buy them yet. So we came up with some ways that can help you earn GBG POINTS and play tournaments in your favorite games 🙂

  1. The first way you already saw on the site. Refer 3 Friends and earn 10 GBG POINTS! So you can use the referal link, refer friends and get coins. This is pretty simple and you surely have friends who play LOL, DOTA2, HS or CSGO and would like to compete in tournaments in those games.
  2. Make your own YouTube video about GBG! Send it to us and we will award you depending on how much we like it. You can get from 10 to 50 GBG POINTS!* Try to make your video as unique as you can to get more points!
  3. Play in tournaments where GBG Points are rewards! There will be tournaments that will have 50 POINTS as rewards next week!
  4. Put a GBG link on your YouTube/Stream account and you will get 10 POINTS!* This one is pretty easy. If you have a YOUTUBE or Streaming account on Twitch/Hitbox/Azubu and so on you can put a link of our site and get eays 10 POINTS!

Keep in find that, for now, certain numbers have * which means they can be done only once. If you have any suggestions or ideas of ways to earn GBG POINTS feel free to send them to us!


Answering The Most Common Questions That You Asked and the Supreme Nexus Tournament :) READ THIS!

First of all , the FEEDBACK on our site is for your suggestions. If you have problems or questions contact us on the FACEBOOK inbox so we can solve them 🙂

  1. How do I get more coins? You can buy them or refer friends. We would suggest refer friends (5 friends-10 coins). And we will tell you about some other options during this week.
  2. Why doesn’t my username stay? Why are you returning me to Hearthstone? It stays, the system memorizes what you wrote for your in game username. It’s just a set up that we have. But we will upload some things today that will make this clearer.
  3. Why can’t I join a tournament on your site? Because the tournament is already full. We will also add this sentence on the site to make it more clear 🙂 But if there is a tournament and no JOIN button the tournament is full or private.
  4. When will it start? Set your time right on the PROFILE-EDIT. If you are from Serbia/Croatia your time is UTC+1.

For the SUPREME NEXUS TOURNAMENT: The tournament will be held in approximately 2 weeks. You will be able to join in time. The tournament that we wanted to have was postponed as the system was not working properly and when we made it work it was to slow. We didn’t want to you to not have a complete experience or spend too much time so we decided to postpone it. The same as this one, the entrance in this tournament will be completely free! We have to thank Supreme Nexus who is an awesome guy and helped us make this work for talking with all of you and explaining you everything. It would be nice if Balkan had more guys like him who support young eSports companies.

So, if you have any questions or problems, please send them in our facebook and if you have suggestions you can use feedback or facebook inbox. In the meanwhile, the tournaments go on, so GLHF and thank you all for helping us making this awesome! Your feedback means a lot so keep it coming 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Gamers… GamingBattleGround HAS LAUNCHED!!!!!

Welcome to the World of GBG, we have been expecting you 😉

The platform is launched so now you can register and enter your first tournaments HERE! The first Hearthstone tournament and the SUPREME NEXUS League of Legends tournament are both FREE ENTRY. The prize pool for the Supreme Nexus Tournament is $200. And the number of gamers who can join them is unlimited!

From Monday, you will have each day a tournament in one of the games we support (LOL, Hearthstone, CSGO and DOTA2). As you will be able to see, you have 10 GBG Coins on your account. That is our gift to you and equal to entering one tournament of your choice. To get more coins and enter more tournaments you can buy them with real money or you can refer friends.

During this month some tournaments will be organized by GBG tournament organizers. And in the next month or two everyone will get the possibility to organize their own tournaments and earn form them! Join the platform NOW so you can try it out! We gave the power of gaming to every competitive gamer, big or small, so you can sit back at your home, play games and earn money. This is the beginning of the new era of gaming, where anyone can feel like a professional. Are you ready to enter it with us?

The Time Has Come.. Next Week GBG IS LIVE!!!! :)

The time has come.

Next week you will see tournaments organized on the GBG site and you will be able to participate in them. The prizes will be GBG Coins. Those Coins are the platform money with which you will enter future tournaments.

To enter the tournaments in the beginning and win the GBG Coins you will need to refer a certain number of your friends to our site. We will announce when the referring part starts and explain it.

We will start with the GBG organized tournaments and let the chosen tournament organizers make their own tournaments on our site. Those organizers have waited a long time and have tested the organizing with us. You all will get the organization rights after the initial launch testing. We want to be sure that everything is working properly so we can give you the experience you deserve.

The games we will start with will be League of Legends, Hearthstone and DOTA2. Counter Strike will be added mid of November as we are still testing some parts of the platform on the game.

To check out the platform you can sign up here. Give us feedback about the platform. And we’re open to any suggestions on how to improve it. The fight starts soon, hope you’re prepared 😉